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Talk Tools Oral Motor Programme

TalkTools TherapyŽ is a unique method of oral-placement therapy which has been shown to be effective for children and young people with oral-motor difficulties.

The therapy addresses the oral-motor aspects of speech, sensory and feeding deficits using "tools" which are fun and engaging for children. These include horns or whistles, straws and bubbles.

A series or hierarchy of of each of these is used so that children are able to start from movements they are able to achieve and work gradually to more challenging movements which increase the child's range of movement, coordination and sensory awareness.

A specific programme of exercises is devised following an assessment and the exercises are carried out twice a day for around 10 minutes each time for optimum effect. For many of the children I work with the exercises are carried out once a day in school or nursery and once a day at home.

I hope to record my own video to show you soon, but for the meantime: This youtube video shows a therapist working with a child using a number of Talk Tools techniques and "tools"