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Language Therapy is very pleased to be able to offer a highly effective computer based training package which targets children's auditory skills - Fast ForWord

Many Children with language and literacy difficulties have auditory processing problems which lead to reduced rate of progress in understanding, verbal expression and reading and writing. The Fast ForWord® family of Programs is a computer-based training system that helps many students of different ages and learning abilities rapidly improve language, reading and learning skills.

It combines research on how the brain learns with the latest technology to improve learning skills. The Fast ForWord« family of products develops the critical thinking, listening, and reading skills that are necessary for success in the classroom, the workplace and in everyday life.

Based on over twenty-five years of brain research, Scientific Learning's interactive, adaptive products use patented technology to target the language and reading skills widely recognized as the keys to all learning.

The Fast ForWord« family of products use neuroscience principles to create an optimal learning environment that enables you to:

  • Simultaneously develop multiple skill sets to maximize learning
  • Identify reading and language difficulties
  • Attack the underlying causes of these difficulties

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Fast ForWord is an intensive programme that requires a high degree of commitment from participants and parents. Participants will be working on the programmes for between 30 to 90 minutes five times a week for between 8 to 16 weeks.

Fast ForWord computer licenses are required to run the programmes, these are generally purchased on an individual basis. Licenses enable participants to access the learning modules with arr presented at an optimum pace for their learning. Feedback regarding the participants progress is dynamic and comprehensive and can be accessed by both parents and the supervising therapist. Back up from therapists in the united states is included in the license fee.

For further information and a demonstration of the package please contact Mary Hampton.