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Speech and Language Difficulties

Speech and Language Therapy

The Speech Therapists at Language Therapy provide Speech and Language Therapy for children and young people who have speech difficulties, Down Syndrome, Autism, or Cerebral Palsy

We also provide Speech and Language Therapy for adults who have suffered strokes and for adults with learning difficulties.

We work with people and their families/ carers on an individual basis. All treatment is tailored to individual needs. We are able to provide paper based resources and recommend other equipment. On occasions it is possible to loan games etc which are used in the therapy programmes


Clients can be referred for speech and language therapy by their relatives or by schools / colleges in conjunction with parents, and therapy can be carried out at any convenient location including home, school/ college or nursery.


Individual assessments are provided followed by regular therapy on a weekly or more frequent basis, with support for parents and workers in the child's school or nursery. Parents and support workers are encouraged to observe and participate in the therapy sessions, and are expected to continue specific exercises outside of the therapy times.

Written assessments can be provided and Individual Education Plans can be drawn up in conjunction with the child's teachers.

Therapy approaches used include:

  • The Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme,
  • The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS),
  • Fast ForWord computer packages
  • PROMPT a tactile approach to developing sounds
  • TalkTools oral motor programme

In addition Language Therapy Ltd encourages the use of signing and symbol systems to support language development such as Makaton, Paget Gorman Signed Speech, and Cued Articulation.