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Sessions and assessments can be carried out in a location chosen by you or at our office in Knowle House, Norfolk Park Road, Sheffield.

In practice a lot of the people we see, mix and match the venue, so that we might do the initial assessment at home then do a school or College visit and then have a few sessions in the office.

Regular appointments are around 1 hour in length giving us time to talk to relatives, carers or teachers and do activities with the clients. We like relatives to sit in the appointments so they can see what we are doing and we can chat about how they can carry the therapy on at home.

The number of weeks / months / years that we see people varies enormously depending on the person's speech and language difficulties and carers wishes. Often we will decide to work on particular areas for a prescribed amount of time, perhaps 8 sessions, and then review the progress. Appointments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and people are welcome to adjust the frequency at any time.

We are happy to send a full list of terms and conditions on request, but below is a summary: (Please note mileage between 70p to 55p per mile is applied to visits to your chosen location, and depending on your location there may be a charge for travel time)

  • Assessments

With written report: £600 at the office,

  • Initial visit

Without written report : £90 at the office £100 at your chosen location

  • Appointments

£50 at the office,

If you have any questions please contact us by phone, text or email.